Sport – the second greatest medicine.

I love sport. I cannot actually get enough of it. Playing it, watching it, more recently coaching it and of course, bbcsporting it.

And right now we’re in the middle of wall to wall sport with the olympics & paralympics in Rio! Oooh lovely stuff!


I struggle to imagine a world without it. The great philosopher of our time (well, a footballer from the 80’s called Mick) once said (albeit slightly paraphrased)


“If football was not invented, the world would be full of frustrated footballers” – Mick Lyons


Love it! And I’m sure you’d agree if you just [insert here] your sport/outdoor activity of choice into the above.

The history of rational sports (as opposed to ‘mob-pig’s-bladder-games) is not bad either: Designed on the school field by Rugby School Headteacher, Thomas Arnold; he needed something to channel mischievous school kids energy for good: Physical endeavour, loyalty, respect,courage and teamwork ‘.  He called it ‘Muscular Christianity’, and that birthed the various forms of football, Rugby football (aahh that’s whys it’s called that), association football etc, which were exported to the world via alumni through the British empire. And they soon mastered it, unfortunately for the England team, in far too many sports… :/

a historyCredit: Rugby School

Not only does sport breed these social and personal virtues, but the physiological benefits are seemingly endless: Healthier, stronger bodies, lower stress levels etc. Since humans have existed, we have been attracted to, and have thrived in, green open spaces rather like a footy pitch. Whether your ‘footy pitch’ takes the form of walk in park, a session in the garden or a splash at the local leisure centre, physical activity is a silver bullet. I’d agree with “laughter is the greatest medicine…”, but I’d add; “…with sport coming in a close second”!

Here at exyo, Andy, Kit and I all love sports and we’re so thankful for having it in our lives. We feel called to help others enjoy this magnificent gift of physical activity as unfortunately (and all too often), the lack of availability / accessibility to sport often leads to the converse of the above benefits.


Credit: Coundon Court F.C

Exyo’s vision is ‘to expand the world of our users‘, and our walker will be our first product to do just that, by empowering people to participate fully in activities. So to conclude by tweaking that philosopher’s words ..

‘If football [outdoor walking aids] were not invented, the world would be full of frustrated footballers [walkers]…well not on our watch!’ – exyo 2016

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