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“ It’s freeing… … amazing… “ it’s so beautiful on the track, fresh air…”, “you can switch off that part of your brain”, “ the experience of what walking must be like without cerebral palsy– using motor patterns which come naturally and easily”, “I’ve never been able to go really fast before!”, “I got hot!”, “It was his first experience of completely moving independently”,“RaceRunning makes me feel so free on the track; like I am flying

Thanks to CP Teens for letting us use their RaceRunning promo video!

RaceRunning is a new sport for children, young people and adults who cannot functionally run and rely on sports aids for mobility and balance. Athletes are supported by a RaceRunner (a three wheeled frame with a saddle and body plate), against which the athlete propels themselves using their feet, and steers using their hands/arms.

There are 2 RaceRunning clubs run out of the Athletics Arena at the English Institute of Sport (EIS) in Sheffield:

Club: CP Teens UK RaceRunning o Age: 9+
o Date/Day: Every Wednesday o Time: 7:30-8:30pm

Club: CP ‘Tinies’ RaceRunning o Age: 3-8 years
o Date/Day:
 Every Friday o Time: 5:30-6:30pm

Track access is: (£2.70 under 16, £3.60 over 16 when a ‘LIFE’ card is used – £3 annually.
There are no additional charges for the session itself and coaching is included.
Contact Ellie –


The Huge Potential of RaceRunning:

Different children with cp have different levels of functional mobility. The really beautiful thing about RaceRunning, is that children who can’t walk independently, CAN RaceRun. These children typically have reduced bone density and are at greater risk of fracture. A pilot study conducted from Chailey Heritage Clinical Services, concluded that RaceRunning, has the potential to improve bone health for these children. Parents too have reported that as their children become more enthusiastic about physical activities like Race Running, it has enabled them to get fitter, and everybody to sleep better. One RaceRunner who was a pilot participant of a current study being carried out at Cardiff University, said this:

“we’ve got damaged brains so the bits that are alive are working 100 fold more [on motor function] than they’re meant to. It might be the fact that somehow they can switch off and you can start thinking: What I can’t do is think coherently when I walk, but I can when I Race Run… …it created new abilities within me not necessarily physical…I had more self confidence and more ability to deal with stressful moments in my life… I was so much more happy within myself… Race Running is safe, you do need padded shorts and a padded saddle….you don’t have to concentrate, you just see the world go by…. it enabled me to stop hiding what I can’t do and say look at what I can do!…..”


So if you yourself are looking for opportunities to meet friends and get active, or know someone with cerebral palsy who is: get down to one of the EIS clubs. And if you’re not local to Sheffield, Cerebral Palsy Sport run taster days at various venues throughout the year, and there are currently 2 other established clubs in the country.
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